Vision: Make sure that any woman looking to stay active through basketball has the opportunity to play. LVWBL will show that Las Vegas is an established leader in providing platforms to empower women through physical activity and leadership education. We will start by educating youth girls in partnership with Girls Youth Basketball and high school girls to give them a place to play after they graduate. To constantly improve the Las Vegas women’s basketball community and raise awareness of the benefits that the league provides through deepened relationships and empowerment of our peers. We inspire to build a hoops culture in the community of Las Vegas and beyond. It is our mission to share a positive attitude and display the values of women’s sports to others that love the game.

Mission: It is the goal of Las Vegas Women’s Basketball to give any woman passionate about the game the opportunity to play in a friendly competitive atmosphere and promote the spirit of women’s basketball while exemplifying the camaraderie that our organization embodies.

Purpose and Objectives:

  • Hold Weekly games where women participate in a friendly and competitve atmosphere to stay active and fit.
  • Create a series of annual events and programs that build the women’s basketball culture while unifying the community.
  • To be the source for support for our members and participants to stay active after grade school through basketball. Inform participants of the importance of staying active and keep the competitive spirit of women alive through sports.
  • Host a series of events, presentations, awards ceremonies and networking events and educational presentations to build the women’s basketball community
  • To promote and improve public understanding and appreciation of the women’s basketball and youth girls basketball as  a recognized branch of community unification and be the portal of information, for how to network and grow as a basketball community.
  • To generate funds and accept corporate and private contributions for charitable and philanthropic initiatives and industry activities.

LVWBL Ambassador – Culture Growth Youth Ambassador


Anjelica Ostrea has played basketball since she was 5 years old and played all the way through her high school varsity team. After high school she had the urge to continue to help younger players excel. She was a mentor to many high school girl basketball players and helped guide them throughout their basketball season as well as their academic career. She also worked one on one with many young athletes that needed help in their basketball skills going into high school. Anjelica Ostrea knew her whole life she wanted to help people. This is why she became a nurse. Growing up she fell in love with basketball. As a kid being a girl it was very intimidating to play a sport with boys. She never understood as a kid why girls could not have their own league and why they had to play with the boys. Now that she see’s the growing population of girls and sports she doesn’t see why this is missing in our community. She knew she wanted to help people her whole life and she does that in her job now, but now she wants to make a bigger impact and help all the girls in our community. Anjelica has been a part of the Las Vegas Women’s League since Jennifer brought her idea to fruition. She is now playing a bigger role in the Las Vegas Women’s League by being the Ambassador in charge of youth development.

LVWBL – Lead Inspiration Innovator


I have been involved with the Las Vegas Women’s League for 5 years now. This is a great league to make connections and play a sport that we all love.  The ways in which the league has grown are amazing and I am thankful to be apart of that. I will do the best I can to provide what is needed of me and am always open to talk!

Chief Empowering Officer – Jen