Wonder Women of the League: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Leadership Ambassador Breanna Peters

Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder. 

With the release of Wonder Woman, the Las Vegas Women’s Basketball League felt like it was a great idea to spotlight a few of our own “wonder women.” We asked each Ambassador and the Captains some questions to to find more about who they are. Read on to get to know them better.

Starting with Wonder Woman,

Breanna Peters.  

Wonder woman Breanna Peters

1) Quick Bio Summary:


Born: Cleafrield, PA
Age: 22
Grew up: Clearfield, PA
Occupation: Employed
Current Status: Single

2) Who is a woman you admire?

My mom. This lady has literally done everything for me since I was born. Through every struggle or hard time, she never failed to make do. Her patience and guidance is something I always see most. She truly is a great woman and I thank my grandma for giving me such a great Momma!

3) How do you stay motivated?

I know what I want in life and you don’t give up on what you want. About a year ago, I came close to losing my dad, we didn’t know what to expect. The whole journey even to this day has opened my eyes. Lately he has been my motivation, my why in life. I keep going because what I go through on a daily basis is nothing he had to go through

4) Why do you still play basketball?

I love it too much to stop. I had my chance in college and now it’s all fun. It’s my stress reliever. Now with getting introduce to GYB, I can teach these girls and relate to them in the sport we are both passionate about, another reason I still play, you never know who is watching you.

wonder woman women's basketball league
Breanna Peters and Team Hiki No


5) What is your favorite basketball memory?

Breaking the All-time Leading Rebound Record in High School my senior year

6) What Superpower would you want?

I wish I could read peoples mind

7) What is your Spirit Animal?

A dog. I’m not just saying that, I took the quiz!

8) What is your 5 year goal?

I never thought that far ahead. I hope to maybe be settled down by then and start a life with someone but at the rate I’m going, it will just be me and my dogs 😎 And I’m okay with that.

9) What is your favorite quote?

Do what you love. Love what you do.

10) Note from Jen:

Breanna came into this league just last year. Since then she has become the most active participant. Volunteering for GYB and attending all open gyms. She always stays to watch other games and provides insight to me when I need it. She is active on social always supporting the league and the mission to empower women. Bre has a light about her that I feel very blessed to be around.

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