National Women’s History Month: LVWBL – A League of Our Own

Las Vegas Women's Basketball League
Season 1 Champions

When I was 10-years-old, my godmother took me to watch a movie called “A League of Their Own.” Most are familiar of the chick flick based on true events that happened in 1943 when men went to war and the women took to the Major League Baseball field. The way this movie made me feel as a young girl, I can still recall today. It showed me at the dynamics of women in sports and essentially similar adversities I would face in my adult life. 

The Journey Begins

This story never gets old for me. And in honor of March being National Women’s History Month, I thought I would write a blog and pay homage to the women that laid the foundation for the Las Vegas Women’s Basketball League. I realized it has been 7 years, the summer of 2009, since I officially started the league. The legend remains, I moved here from Texas looking for a place to play basketball and after going to every recreation center and gym I knew of and all of them telling me that “women’s basketball leagues don’t work.” I knew I had to make one that did. One of my favorite things is when someone tells me I can’t do something. 

I knew that if my desire and love for the game burned that bright I could serve as a light to find more hoopers in Las Vegas. Although there is only one active player in the league from this picture, other than myself, I am so proud of what this organization has become and what it has meant to me and so many other women in this city. It’s not just a league. It’s a tribe full of warriors, an association of leaders and pioneers willing to break boundaries for women that still want to stay active playing an organized sport. 

The Present League

Every Sunday I look forward to seeing the strong active women that refuse to give up their passion just because in society’s eyes it is not the norm. I applaud the women that stand with me and make this basketball community what it is. 

We are the mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends and friends that believe in something together.  And I know with my soul that this faith translates to every facet of our lives to make Las Vegas a better place. 

Support Us

League playoffs continue this Sunday, on March 12th at Tarkanian Basketball Academy. I hope to see you all there!

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