Las Vegas Women’s Basketball League

Welcome to the LVWBL family!

A community comprised of Las Vegas women wanting to stay active playing basketball. Some are local to Las Vegas and there are others that have lived in other cities all over the country. We all have one thing in common – our passion for basketball.

We are proud to be the only women’s basketball league in Las Vegas. Since 2009, the league has prided itself on providing a platform for women to stay fit and active while playing the sport they love.

What started out as casual pick-up games grew to a basketball community of women gathering intentionally each week supporting, growing and learning together.  We are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends that make a unified group with a vision to make the community a better place through sports empowerment.

These women take pride in being representatives of LVWBL. I personally am a huge advocate of community involvement and contribution through direct action. It is the hope of LVWBL to help each woman to inspire to do that. Our main endeavor is with our sister organization Girls Youth Basketball (GYB). This is the only exclusive youth girls basketball league. Many of the coaches are women that volunteer their time to cultivate women’s basketball culture here in Las Vegas. The other goal is … have fun! The camaraderie and fellowship the women experience embody team spirit.

We value the time and the passion for the love of the game all these women have. We welcome the participation of families and the Las Vegas community. Join us!

What time is it? Game Time!


Jen Miller-Gonzales

Chief Empowering Officer

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